Online Magazin “Initiative StadtNeudenken”

Stadt Neudenken

The StadtNeudenken initiative is an alliance of people interested in urban policy from the fields of urban planning and architecture, science, art, culture, business and social affairs who are committed to self-determined, cooperative and socially balanced urban development in Berlin.

The initiative discusses Berlin’s real estate policy on a quarterly basis at the so-called Round Table, a public event moderated by Andreas Krüger (Belius).

In order to make the discussion accessible to a broader public, we have reorganised existing content from an information archive and made it more readable and attractive in an online magazine format.

A first issue is dedicated to the topic of the Land Fund – what is the deal with the company founded by the State of Berlin, which is supposed to create reserves for the rapidly growing Berlin through land purchases?

Further issues with new topics and content are planned.

More Projects

For digital design house Meyer, Miller, Smith who is hands on, hard at work building websites and applications, we’ve created an equally “hands on” brand identity, versatile and unique, but also modest and genuine.


Naming, branding and marketing materials for real estate developments.