Rechte Räume

Digital platform on the topic of „right wing spaces“

Issue No. 235 of the architecture magazine Arch+ had in turn -in 2019- sparked a debate on the topic of „right wing spaces“.

The trigger for this debate in Berlin was a building by Hans Kollhoff on Walter Benjamin Platz. The thesis: there seem to be numerous examples – also in Germany – of architecture that transports right-wing ideology.

Here you can find more on the topic

Pitch design for the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin.

We were asked to design a digital platform on the topic of „right-wing spaces“ that, among other things, shows an interactive map of spaces associated with the rise of right-wing populist, anti-liberal and authoritarian political alternatives.

Starting from the rather fascist-looking yet very noble flooring at Walter-Benjamin-Platze, we were rather attracted for our design by the triviality of normal urban flooring, -specifically the banality of these plain concrete paving stones.

This kind of flooring rarely finds its way into the consciousness of a passer-by, which seemed to us a good metaphor for the insidious, hidden and invisible nature of many „right spaces“.

Penter Pflasterklinker Titan
200x100x52 mm mit Fase

Weitere Projekte

Rekonstruktion der ehemaligen Zentralmarkthalle in Berlin in der Nähe des Alexanderplatzes. Markthalle 1 und Markthalle 2 mit Gleisanschluss, direkt neben der Station "Alexanderplatz.


Rekonstruktion des Leipziger Tor`s. Dieses Tor war das süd-westliche Stadttor der Berliner Festungsanlage des 17. Jahrhunders.