Lars Eberle - Kreativ-Direktion

D. Haug


After studying economics and sociology, Daniela travelled the globe in search of her dream job. What she found was her love for film. Soon she was working as a freelance producer on numerous international film projects until she founded as:if Film Matters in London together with Bernd Müller.

Years later: Following a call from the young German capital, Daniela moved to Berlin. Here she produces films for as:if Film Matters and events / projects with Meyer, Miller, Smith.

More Team Members

C. Schneider


Carsten is co-founder and managing director of Meyer, Miller, Smith. He has worked with the team since 1999, 8 years in London and 4 years in Tokyo.


B. Müller


Bernd is a director and writer. He gets his stamina for longer film formats from marathon training.