Walktroughs - Science Book

Walktroughs – Science Book

Together with a group of historians we developed a book concept about Berlin as a prime location for science and research.

The proposal was commissioned by the Einstein Foundation, for which we had already created the corporate identity as well as the design of their annual Falling Walls conference.

Titled “Durchquerungen – Walkthroughs”, the innovative design visually connected different institutes and key people, allowing to cross-read the book and follow topics individually.

Unfortunately we missed the mark with this proposal. Expected was not an innovative book design, but instead a simple collection of Berlin scientists portraits.

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Falling Walls Conference Identity

Annual science conference 2009 - today

Brand- and event communication design for german science conference hosted in Berlin on the day the wall came.


3D visualisation of the new high-rise buildings currently being built at Alexanderplatz and in the "Klosterviertel." The former historic center of Berlin