NION Wordpress Websites

NION Berlin

NION is a proposal to develop an urban area in Berlin into a German Japanese hotspot of contemporary creativity and traditional culture, an innovative technology hub and a striving “local meets international” community.

We developed two different websites documenting the project in two different ways. One with factual information for investors, and one with a blog giving insights not only in the project, but also in Japanese culture in general as well as related events in Berlin specifically.

Built in WordPress the sites are responsive, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Weitere Projekte

Idee zu einer 20er-Jahre Themen-Plattform, die zeigt, was von dieser Ära übrig blieb - sichtbar im Strassenbild Berlins oder verwurzelt in der Kultur.


Falling Walls Conference Identity

Annual science conference 2009 - today

Brand- and event communication design for german science conference hosted in Berlin on the day the wall came.