Berliner Stadttore

The Former City Gates

The Customs Wall /Akzisemauer (1734-1862)

The Berlin Customs Gates

Digital reconstruction of Berlin’s city gates in their current surroundings, of which only the Brandenburg Gate remains today.
Our goal is the digital reconstruction and experience of all city gates in their original sizes at their original locations in augmented and virtual reality.

Hamburger Gate

Kleine Hamburger Straße / Torstraße

Das Hamburger Tor
Hamburger Tor aus Sicht kl. Hamburger Straße
Das Hamburger Tor
Das Hamburger Tor / Torstraße Ecke Gartenstraße

Oranienburger Gate

Friedrichstraße / Ecke Torstraße -> Chausseestraße

Oranienburger Tor - Luftbild
Oranienburger Tor bei Nacht
Oranienburger Tor -> Chausseestraße
Oranienburger Tor (1867)
Oranienburger Tor

Das Rosenthaler Tor

Rosenthaler Straße / Torstraße -> Brunnenstraße

More Projects

3D visualisation of the new high-rise buildings currently being built at Alexanderplatz and in the "Klosterviertel." The former historic center of Berlin


NION Berlin Branding

Brand / Design

Having run a design studio in Tokyo for several years, and with both experience and a keen interest in Japanese design and culture, less rain supports “Japan Town Berlin” with a new naming, branding and design.